Disabling Links in E-mail Clients

With all of the (justifiable) paranoia surrounding digital security and phishing, I decided to fix my e-mail clients so that I can't click on any links inside of the e-mail.  I've inadvertently clicked on links in e-mails, so I decided to fix the human element.

For Thunderbird, the network.protocol-handler.external-default config needs to be set to false.  This is done by accessing the Config Editor in the software [1].

For Microsoft Outlook, open Registry Editor on Windows and rename the command key to something else [2]: 


[1] https://askubuntu.com/questions/816609/how-can-i-disable-links-in-thunderbird
[2] https://www.datanumen.com/blogs/2-tips-disable-hyperlinks-outlook-emails/




This article was updated on August 18, 2020

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