Affinity Software for Graphic Design

Image of design in Affinity software.

Affinity creates awesome and useful software for illustration and design.  Unlike some well-known creative suites, you do not have to pay for a yearly subscription.

Affinity Designer is a drawing suite that was used to create the logo for this site. 

Affinity Photo is used to edit raster images.

Affinity Publisher is used to create page layouts for the creation of books and magazines.



This article was updated on August 18, 2020

Dr. Nicholas J. Kinar

Dr. Nicholas J. Kinar is a hydrologist and researcher at the University of Saskatchewan. This is a blog of ideas, techniques and things that Nicholas perceives as unsophisticated knowledge in the Homeland of the Métis / Treaty 6 Territory / Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada / Earth. His full name is Nicholas John Stanislaus Kinar. This blog of unsophisticated knowledge is intended to document some information that Nicholas finds useful. However, he does not mind if other people might find this information to be useful as well.

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